Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Still here and still stitching

I've spent the past 3 months changing my diet and getting back to stitching after my cousin, Ellen, asked if I would create a wedding sampler for her son and her nurse daughter, both getting married this summer. I responded with what I thought were samplers they would both enjoy and fit their personalities -- or what I thought of as their personalities.

For Kaley and Kyle, I chose a sandy subject, not just because they were married at the beach in North Carolina, but because Kaley seems beachy to me.

The fact that they were married at the beach fit in with my vision of their wedding day and I wasn't too far off. In the picture from the wedding day you should know that, yes, Kaley is sort, but she is not wearing her high-heeled sandals in the photo and, yes, Kyle does rather tower over our petite nurse-princess.

For Johnny and Caitlin (standing to the left of the beaming bride) I chose a more traditional theme and neither Johnny nor Caitlin have provided me with a picture of the stitchery. Caitlin was beautiful and very bride-like, but I didn't snatch a photo of their special day, May 22, 2017, because I couldn't choose from so many.

Now I'm finishing up Kelsey's wedding sampler (daughter of Mike who is Ellen's older brother -- only older brother -- only brother) but I am so far pleased with how it is going. No, Mike didn't ask me for a sampler. I decided that on my own since I was still in the wedding sampler mood. Kelsey and Jason were married by the Justice of the Peace at the Delaware city hall with only their grandmother (my Aunt Lois) in attendance. The rest of the family were on vacation in OBX (short for Outer Banks, NC) and I didn't see that Mike, her father, was in evidence either. A small civil ceremony rather more like an elopement where no one eloped. Kelsey, ex-Army soldier, married her man and quickly merged their households and children with dispatch and style. I hope she will enjoy a belated and unlooked for gift to commemorate their union.

In the meantime, I was caught off guard by my grandson, Jordan's high school graduation and am stitching him a graduation sampler to hang on his -- or his Mom's -- wall for posterity . . . if I can finish it before he graduates college where I am sure he will cherish the thought and forgive the delay.

That is all. Disperse.

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